smith_secretspeech_TP_SMALLSoviet Union, 1956.  It is a period of wrenching change.  Stalin is dead, and a regime once held together by fear is beginning to fracture, creating a lawless society where the police have become the criminals and the criminals take vengeance against them.

A series of murders now has all of Moscow on edge, and no one — no matter how powerful or connected — seems safe. With his new and secretive homicide department, Leo Demidov investigates — only to find that he, his wife, and his two adopted daughters may be in grave danger.  For Leo is a former state security officer who arrested and condemned many of his fellow citizens, and despite all his efforts to atone for his past, he cannot escape the long shadow of his former career.

To save his family, Leo must make a desperate choice and face an impossible journey that may bring his redemption…or shatter their fragile future.

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